While looking through some of my tracked tags, I came across this:

My reaction(s):

My conversation with a directionator today...

  • Me: i really wished they were coming to Oregon... or Washington. I'd be willing to drive up to Washington to see them...
  • Her: I wish they were coming to America in the first place...
  • Me: they're IN America...
  • Her: oh yeah! i knew that.
  • Me: Really? Who was missing from the tour?
  • Her: TRICK QUESTION! They were all there!
  • Me: WRONG. Zayn flew back for a funeral!
  • Her: ,,,,
  • Me: *in my head* I'm going to share this with the Directioners on Tumblr.

there was a table that broke outside of my fourth period class.

i wondered if it was Zayn or not. 

but then i realized, why would he be at my school. 

but yeah. just thought i’d share that with you guys.